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She kneels in deck shoes and nothing else unless you count tattoos. The acolytes from off-camera appear. Surround her, as she sets to work maintaining all six erect. She deepthroats one after the other, after the other, after again the one, after another other, and so on, in accelerating succession. Till the choir takes the […]

A Review of My Book

1                My Book is a complex book. 1.1               The book is a structure made up of words, not of things. 1.11             The structure is composed of words that have entered the ear and been presented as sentences on the page in ink for the eye. 1.12             The structure was created by the architect, […]


We watch the squirrels. There are many squirrels that visit our back garden, as many as the trees. We sit in the back garden, on expensive outdoor furniture, drink cool beer and talk about the lovely weather. The barbecue cooks the meat and we talk excitedly about the food.  The grill is always loaded with […]