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He caught a disease. He bought himself an expensive suit. It was ill-fitting. He turned to vegetarianism for succor after the sight and smell of uncooked and cooked meat vertiginously stirred his stomach.  He wrote many letters to his girlfriend. The letters basically ended their relationship. He wrote many more letters and explained why their […]


The rich arsehole is going to the moon and he is very happy to tell you that he alone will be travelling to the moon after all it is his rocket he will be travelling to the moon in and it was designed not by him but by others just for him to travel to […]


Bored, board some train of thought, destination unannounced. Reality creaks across TV backwards, competing with, out in parking lots, lots and lots of harlots. The phone rings; pick up; some dumb whore screeching in my ear I must buy more. Hang up, sure as hung up I am on combing through the honey of yet […]