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Larry, Tim, Peter, Saul, William, Carl, Lee, Jake, Richard, Sam, Eliot, Macy, Lucy, Jane, Mary, Jean, Elizabeth, May, Wendy, Lilly, Fanny and Viv all live in Subburnabla and they are very, very happy. They work Monday to Friday and love their jobs. They drive to the station to catch the train. The train takes them […]


If I were a song, I’d come up at sunset onto the porch. Occupy the rocker. Crack the digits, knuckle by knuckle. Smooth my lap, eying the evening star touch your heart. Wouldn’t stick around long. Back and forth, forth and back, slow enough to sip from the fifth; between wobbling to the mosquito, the […]

Poetry is…

Poetry is More popular online than proseWho reads anything Except writers Poetry is Not a get rich quick scheme Or a school report F Poetry is A dirty old maggot Dancing to Ricky Martin In an old drunks’ tavern Poetry isTurning up late for classShoelaces untiedReeking of cigarettes Poetry isPoetry isWhat can it beBaby feet […]