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My life is a punchyI-faced-adversity-and-wonPoemOn FacebookOr LinkedInWhere ‘friends’Can like or loveAnd call me inspirational. Bogdan Tiganov

a bad man

She married a bad man. She did not mind that he was a bad man. That he was a bad man excited her. He never complained or moaned like a baby so long as he could be bad and she enjoyed his badness and his myriad of bad sides. She enjoyed the hard integument that…

A dirty and filthy man

He was dirty man. A dirty and filthy man. Dirty and filthy. But a clean man, physically speaking, with an unblemished physiognomy. His chiseled frame did in fact excite the opposite but not just the opposite sex his own sex lusted after this dirty this filthy man. He was meticulous and fastidious when it came…