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Meditation 325/326

                                                325 Here it is: To create is not to die. Let me tell you this. Listen. Do not look away. Do not close the book. Do not turn off the light. A closed page, eyelids dropped, darkness, amounts to death for me. Keep me alive. Read on. Wait. Here it comes. 326 When I […]

all is concrete

the sun aimless like anthony in the desert wanders through the wilderness expelling demons imps & lunatics. the appearance & disappearance into the simulacrum of death causes only disequilibrium. all is a charade the ceiling is obfuscated by a sea of smoke undulating coiling & uncoiling. the walls beside the mirrors a myriad of mirrors […]

Hell is me

3.  I ‘ve been trying to fuck not sleep with Lucy, Jane, Mary, Jean, Elizabeth, May, Wendy, Lilly, Fanny and Viv. The beds are too small. My back is as bent as… I am going to fuck each and every one before they move on. Everybody moves on. I will not move on… 7. I […]