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“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Roy Keane Darwin Hill.   27/8/2020 13:01: The score is twenty-one nil. I missed my vocation. Yes, it really is twenty-one nil. I should be doing something else, maybe teaching literature. The pitch is a mud bath. The wind is coming down off the mountains with unmitigated thuggery. The rain […]


It is time for our game. Do not worry it is not a long game. I don’t play long games. You don’t play long games, if you did you would not be here. Sometimes I wish I would or could. There are such games that are long but our game will be short. Within the […]


Preacher been fucking the wife. Get into a gunfight up and down the aisles; shooting through pews, winging hymnals, dinging collection plate; ricochets whistle ire, targets praying to acquire. Near nail the sumbitch with a beautiful shot, him skeeting across the choir. The Son’s hardly settled  with corn and coke to watch the fun, when […]