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love is a cancer

Cough up your locule You were standing over me casting a glowing shadow Within ravens crows & magpies. You spoke softly & I couldn’t make out the words I saw your lips move. The birds swooned casting tenebrous blankets Bromidic is the integument comes from peregrination Spit hymeneal chyle. Piss scrofula erysipelas the gout the […]

Paris 1990 3 AM

She was beautiful & alone I sat Said You are intoxicating. She smiled a supercilious smile with her eyes I asked if I offended her She said no So I asked her if she were afraid of sex & she laughed So I said, repeat this She said what. I said I want to fuck […]

A Night of Serious Drinking with Cervantes

A night of serious drinking with Cervantes always ends in tears. We drink until sunlight makes the electric light unemployed. In the morning a profound melancholy is experienced, so profound is this melancholy that we start to drink again.           Stop with the morning talk. Drink!   It happens every time, just like clockwork, like […]