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Colhounn the Giant

Colhounn was a big man, the biggest man in the city. Colhounn was so big he was homeless. Colhounn was big and homeless and a voracious eater. A pound of tripe Colhounn consumed in a day. The children after school mocked poor Colhounn and his pound of tripe. The Children called Colhounn names, spat spit […]

Broken in the middle

There it was mid airTried to catch it with my toeBut my toe pulled out,Smashed another glass. I got the kitchen rollAnd threw it on the waterI got the dustpan got the brushAnd dragged my limbs alongSweeping and picking every last bitSo they don’t scar my boy. Finally I could go and smokeWhen she asked […]


Think of that chimp who tore the lady’s face off, and his owner called the cops, and they shot him several times before he finally calmed down, dragged himself off to the corner of the kitchen where he slept, collapsed on his bed, and died. Sometimes I stare into the mirror and wonder who would […]