Night Tram

Asleep, or half so
with my feet
At rest on the opposing seat
My pissed up face
pressed up against
Against the window

A woman in a uniform
nudged me
Gently and said
“Could you move your feet”
I said
I could but no ones sitting there.

There are no other people here
Besides you, me and hopefully
A driver.
And she shocked me when she sighed
Took off her hat and sat beside me.

And set her feet beside mine on
Her opposing chair.
She said “Know what two stops more and
I am going home.”

Turned out her name is Emma
She has three mouths to feed
And she’s falling back on credit cards
A city falling out
Into my eyes
Lights so bright and skirts so short
They may as well be naked arses.

Sitting next to me like she
Had given up the ghost
With the flicker yellowed stamps of
Streetlamps streaming past.

“This tram will stop
so where will you get off?”
I tend to fall through doors
And wander homewards.
Sometimes I even get there.

She put her hat upon my head
For momenmts there
I was the conductor
That made me smile
I said “Emma could you move your feet”
She said yes
Just one more stop.

How awesome can those random strangers be?

Stuart Knowles