A Sale

Things I have collected and now need to sale for a price:

1: A comb used by Marguerite Duras and an empty bottle.

2: The wall James Joyce rested upon while Nora Barnacle pleasured him.

3: The Tantō that Yukio Mishima used during the Seppuku – also, the concrete on which the Seppuku spilled out upon. Stains still showing.

4: The bench at Astapovo train station; the last place Tolstoy took the weight off his feet.  

5: The pot Gogol destroyed Dead Souls in by fire. Inside of the pot visible are the last written words.

6: The concrete slab where Jeanne Hébuterne crashed to her death – teeth are optional.

7: An English oven last used February 11, 1963

8: ………………………… (A secret. Call me at 33773377) ……… (Hint: a lost apostrophe! See 2.).  

9: Gabriele Falloppio’s lambskin (used).

10: A sex toy kept by Michel Foucault that had once been owned by Sigmund Freud that had been used by the Marquis de Sade that had been handmade by the Nuns of Lundin.

first come, first served

Larry Caomhánach

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