Short stories


  1. Gene stared at the television, blew smokerings, and listened to the bed. An open bottle of whiskey and two dirty glasses and a dirty ashtray betrayed the morning. One of the glasses was smeared with heavy lipstick. The ice had not melted. The air was thick with perfume. Gene had not turned on the television and Gene had not opened the bottle of whiskey and poured the whiskey over the ice. There was a sock by the bedroom door. It was Lou’s sock, pink ruffle. On the walls were pictures of Gene and Lou. Over the television was a picture of Gene and Lou and Gene’s parents and Lou’s parents. The curtains were pulled but a thin band of sunlight cleaved through the dust. Gene listened and turned his wedding ring. The television showed commercials. A moan stirred. It was Lou. Gene dropped the cigarette into Lou’s glass, stood up, and stretched. Gene picked up the gun. Gene walked to the door. With his boot Gene pushed open the door. Within a thick band of sunlight dust danced. The air was hot and thick with sex. Gene swallowed, listened to the bed, looked at the naked bodies joined. Gene pointed the gun. Lou whispered a scream. Gene shot the man in the back and when the man turned Gene shot the man in the neck. Lou screamed so Gene shot Lou above the right breast and then Gene shot Lou in the head and then Gene shot Lou in the head again and then Gene shot Lou in the belly and then Gene shot Lou in the belly again. Sunlight poked through the holes in the walls. Gene dropped the gun and walked out to his car and Gene climbed into his car and turned the key. Gene waited. The car rolled forward. Gene said Gene would be back at the garage for the oil change at twelve.
  2. Trevor was drunk and Fernando was drunk. Trevor punched Fernando and Fernando fell and Trevor kicked Fernando in the belly and then Trevor went to kick Fernando in the face but Fernando moved and took out a knife and Fernando cut Trevor. A spray of blood splashed against the bar. Trevor screamed. Fernando crawled up a bar stool. Trevor left the bar by the back door and ran through the car park and stopped at his truck. Fernando stood up and wiped the blood from his mouth and went in search of Trevor. There was a trail of blood lit by the neon lights of the bar. Fernando found Trevor leaning against his truck. With the knife in his hand Fernando went for Trevor.  Fernando did not see the gun in Trevor’s hand. Three shots to the chest killed Fernando.

Paul Kavanagh

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