Media urges me to buy it.

All my friends tell me to buy it.

People at work insist I buy it.

So I decide to go out

and buy it.

Take along my AK.

Couple hundred hollow points.

Because what is the point?

Take along a crowd a thought –

we can all buy it together.

Drive to the store. Hop out. Duck

in. Inside cluster scores

of that social insect humanity.

Just call me Raid. Read the label

on my can. Watch me spray.

See antennas, iPods, glasses twitch.

If you duck lucky, make it out

before I train on you my sights,

make the world know

I just came down to buy it.

And if you call me sick,

let it be thus.

Let’s make a play –

on words playing bullets

from my automatic.

Take this pain. Take that death.

Carry in your head forever film 

of the spatter to prove

while I breathe I still do not yet

buy it.

Willie Smith

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