Short stories


3. Vinny slept with the gun under his pillow. Vinny slept soundly with the gun under the pillow. Vinny turned dreaming of the intruder at the locked window and the gun went off. Vinny stopped dreaming of intruder at the locked window and never woke up.

4. “- listen and listen good, I want everything in the register,” said Marcus. Tony gestured to Marcus to take it easy and not to do something crazy. Marcus was wearing a Halloween mask and he was pointing a gun at Tony. Marcus told Tony to hurry up. Tony didn’t move. Tony couldn’t move. Tony was frozen with fear.    Marcus went behind the counter and grabbed Tony by the shirt collar. It was one those polo team shirts. It was red with a white collar. Tony shouted and so Marcus hit Tony with the gun on the head. A dull thud told of the impact. Tony moaned. Tony’s knees buckled. Marcus stopped Tony falling. “Get up or I’m going mess you up,” said Marcus to Tony.  Tony managed to get to his feet. Marcus released Tony and pointed the gun at Tony. A hole in Tony’s head was bleeding. Tony was softly weeping and the blood was running down his face and onto the polo shirt.  Marcus pushed Tony to the register. Tony tried to say something but Marcus pushed the gun into the back of the Tony’s head and Tony pissed his pants. Marcus tried to push the gun through Tony’s head but it would go through Tony’s head. Tony was sniveling and the piss that had discolored his pants reeked. “Open the register and put the money in here,” said Marcus and Marcus handed Tony a brown paper bag.  There was a stack of brown paper bags by the register. Tony opened the register and Tony grabbed the money but Tony dropped the money on the ground by Marcus and Tony’s shoes in the pool of piss. The coins rattled as they scattered about Marcus and Tony’s shoes in the pool of piss. Marcus pushed Tony to the ground and Marcus grabbed another brown paper bag and Marcus stuffed money into the brown paper bag and then Marcus stuffed the brown paper bag into his hoody pocket and Marcus could hear Tony weeping, weeping like a little girl. Marcus shot Tony in the back of head and the blood and the brains splattered Marcus’s shoes and Marcus wiped his shoes until they looked clean on Tony and left with an armful of cigarettes.

Paul Kavanagh

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