Short stories


This is not going to be easy. It has never been achieved in this manner before. He closes his eyes. He believes eyes should be shut.  He pictures a bed. Not his bed. Another bed. A bigger more luxurious bed. A bed maybe found in a fairy tale. The room is commodious so commodious he cannot make out the other side of the room where there is a door he believes. He hopes. Wishes. Desires. It is a door made for a castle. The door opens. Not to complicate things there is no music. To speed things up there is one of those moving things on the floor that you find in airports. She steps through the door. She is wearing white panties and a tight white t-shirt. She steps on the moving thing that brings her closer to the bed. And him. Panting. Excited. She is lissome and red haired which turns blond as she gets closer and then coal black. He waves and she reciprocates the wave. Affable. He smiles. She smiles showing white even teeth. This is important. To him. He pulls back the sheet. Seeing what is in his hand she sighs loudly sighs deafeningly with pleasure. To tease she rolls the tight white t-shirt up close to the beginning of the ascendance of her breasts. He says More and she says You little naughty boy and he says No and she says Sorry my love I am here for you. Smiling, he waves her to hurry. She hurries on command. He notices her legs have changed as she steps off the moving thing. The legs are no longer thin and long but resemble his sister’s fat and little legs. Hurry he says fearing the void. He feels it creeping through the cracks. Many cracks. Finally, she removes the tight white t-shirt. To his great disappointment, she is wearing a white bra. Oh no! It’s his mother’s white bra. Seen in the laundry basket. Hurry take that off he demands fearing detumescence. Now looming over the bed, over him, over his tumescence, she starts to remove mummy’s white bra. He says Faster faster and she says Are you ready and he says Oh yes I am ready and she says Here we go. And suddenly. There has to be a suddenly. Her huge breasts explode out of mummy’s white bra and a jet fighter plane flies over head and drops a bomb and the bomb lands on a house much like the neighbor’s house and the house explodes and the sky is filled with limbs and blood and lumpy things that explode like fireworks.  2. The commodious room has gone.  The thing found at airports has gone. Even the bed has gone. He is in the front room. His parents have been sent into exile for taking his toy. They will return when he says. She enters the room. There is not even a door. The curtains are open. It is night. A warm sultry night. He remembers a holiday in Dubai. She is wearing nothing. Wait.  She has hair, eyes, nose, ears, lips, neck, tits, belly button, one that does not stick out, tits, not four tits, two tits, the thing you know between the legs, and legs. She falls. She has feet, toes, toenails. Painted a bright red. She saunters over. He says Can we do it and she says I am here to do it with you and he says Do you love me and she says If you want me to. They kiss. Kiss. Tongue. They tongue. Dry. Spit. Better. She touches his you know what and plays with it. Something is not right.  Fingers. Still not right. Thumbs. Painted nails, bright red. He says Not that way please slow down no faster no like this. Suddenly her huge tits gigantic spill over him and he is drowning in a feral sea. Cold. Wet. He sees the moon and sitting on the moon he sees his mother and father that he sent into exile because they confiscated his toy and they shout to him Do you need our help and he fearing they will see his hard you know what says No thank you I would rather drown. 3. Her boobs fall into his mouth. He sucks his knuckles. There’s a knock on the door. His mother says What are you doing in there. 4. He is in bed. He is naked. His penis is hard. Next to him is a box of tissues. A man and a woman are hugging. Both are semi-naked. They are standing under a tree. An apple with teeth marks. The man removes the woman’s fig leaf. Nothing is there. A finger probes. The skin is soft and malleable. Still nothing. The woman removes the man’s fig leaf. Again, there is nothing there. Fingers search. The skin is soft and malleable. The man says You are missing something dear and the woman says I’m not the only one and the man says What should we do and the woman says Are we not made of clay shouldn’t we you know design them and the man says I want a hole and the woman says I want that serpentine thing that we have not named yet. 5.  She orders him to stand up. He stands up. She points to the slouches, the flab, to the places where he has let himself go. He is old. She is young. How did he get so old so quickly she says. She points to his three chins and says May I have one for the dog. He does not laugh. She says You have been masturbating too much lately and he says How do you know and she touching his bald spot says The headboard has left its mark.  She orders him to suck in his pot belly and puff out my chest. She tells him to straighten his back and open his eyes. She dissatisfied with him says Where have all the good men gone to and he says I am a good man and she says No good man comes here. She is beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, her breasts are big and bountifious. She says You dirty naughty boy did mummy and daddy take your toy from you because they caught you and he says I am I am Oh I hate this but I have to and I don’t know why but I like it.  She walks. He follows. The bondage belligerent babe. The diabolus dominatrix. The nubile nuclear bomb. She says I have the ropes, the whips, the baby oil, and the candle wax and he says Yes and she says Do you want me and he says Yes and she says Do you like strawberries, chocolate, feathers, high heels, stockings, crotchless panties and he says Yes. He watches her put on lace this and lace that and rubber this rubber that and leather this and leather that and the cracks open up once again. He says Please hurry. She orders him to stand up. Her body is pushed up against his.  He can feel her syrupy breath on the nape of his neck, on his knees, on his elbows, on his throat. It is hot, really hot, too hot. He says You are burning me and she says You’ve turned on the Fully Fitted Heated Waffle Soft Underblanket Elasticated Skirt. 6. They play all one thousand and one positions. Play is the operative word. Passing from one to the next with heart-breaking alacrity. He feels dizzy. Sick. On the carpet, on the chair, on the stairs, on the balcony, in the bath – sans water and soap. Never once does he see her cunt. Thinks he can smell it, feel it, hear it sing, but Ali Baba’s cave will not open for him. She says After I have whipped the life out of you the welts on your backside will be as big as magical kingdoms and he says I don’t like this I want just to have sex you know straight sex a mundane position and then I want you to ride me and maybe then finish with doggie style and then I’ll come in your mouth and all over your face and your tits I don’t know why this you know all this showering of stuff but I feel as though that is how it should finish what do you think and she says Lick between my toes and he says I’ve just told you what I desire and she says Remove each speck of sand you dirty dick. 7. All I have to do is tell her one thousand and one dirty, filthy, disgusting tales. Homework.  After I am finished telling her one thousand and one lascivious tales we will perform one thousand and one mind-blowing sexual positions she tells me. A promise. He opens one eye. Looks. She enters the room. It is his bedroom, his carpet, his posters, his table and chair, his books, his pen, his bed. He closes the one eye. She is wearing black stockings, a garter belt, black silk panties, and a bra. She looms over him. Leans over. Moans with pleasure. Takes his cock into her mouth. Warm. Wet. He says Yes and she says It will take us forever to fuck all the ways I know and he says Softer softer I am close so close I am com com com faster harder and she says Once upon a time there was a young girl and she was hungry and so she called for a pizzaman to deliver pizza and he says What and she says Once upon a time there were two young girls and they wanted pizza and so they called the pizzaman and he showed up at their bedroom and he was naked and had a huge cock and he says Keep going please please I’m so close I can feel it I am going to explode she says Once upon a time there were two young girls and they lived in an apartment and they had no water and so they had called a plumber and the plumber arrived and he was naked and the girls welcomed him onto their bed but they had left the door open and so entered sailors and soldiers and spies and policemen and bricklayers and actors and writers and teachers…

John Smith

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