Short stories

Colhounn the Giant

Colhounn was a big man, the biggest man in the city. Colhounn was so big he was homeless.

Colhounn was big and homeless and a voracious eater. A pound of tripe Colhounn consumed in a day.

The children after school mocked poor Colhounn and his pound of tripe. The Children called Colhounn names, spat spit balls at Colhounn, and the children mocked Colhounn’s size.

 Once upon a time Colhounn was in love, a girl with long blond hair. This girl with the long blond hair stirred Colhounn to swoon, caused his heart to flutter, and caused his melancholy to dissipate.

The girl with the long blond hair was called Mary.

Colhounn and Mary would take long walks and consume two pounds of tripe.

These were Colhounn’s happiness days, Mary, the walks, the two pounds of tripe.

Happy days don’t last forever.

But still, Colhounn had experienced those days with Mary, the walks, the two pounds of tripe.

Colhounn remembering those days with Mary, the walks, the two pounds of tripe.

The children seeing Colhounn happy teased him, they threw rocks, urinated upon him, and they smeared his face with excrement while he slept happily dreaming of Mary, the walks, the two pounds of tripe.

Mary hung herself.

Colhounn could not be helped, doctors tried to console him, a butcher gave him free tripe, a chef cooked the tripe, a waiter served the tripe, but Colhounn could not be helped.

Colhounn missed his Mary.

Colhounn drank day and night.

Nobody could help or did not want to help Colhounn.

The heart of Colhounn was broken. The pieces of the broken heart of Colhounn were scattered all over the pavement where Colhounn slept. The pieces were brown and hard. A dog came along and consumed the broken pieces. Where once there was a heart there was now nothing.

Colhounn free of his heart decided he could do whatever he pleased.

A wasteland is as good as a forest.

There was no forest but there was a wasteland.

Colhounn was a big man, had big arms, and had a big….

And so, Colhounn with those big arms carried away the children that mocked him day in and day out and in the wasteland that was not a forest Colhounn with his big …. sodomized the children, fed the children glass, and finally he flayed the little brutes…

Melia Klepht

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