I been conked on the bean.

Been on the cabeza banged.

Bonked on the coconut.

Skull-whacked; booted in the brains;

had the daylights kicked outta me.

While some days, no lid in sight, it rains.

Once knew a squirrel named Fuck Nose;

because his name was, well, who the fuck knows?

And that squirrel, you see, should you think

I’m just some kinda nut, was me.

And might you fall to wondering, yeah,

maybe Phil, maybe Bert, who the fuck knows

but maybe I do be some kinda nut.

I been flogged on the noggin,                                                           

beat on the ear drum.

Till I a humble stumbling bumbler be. 

But now I must ask, how come your candy ass,

anonymous as any minnie mouse,

down here with the rest of us dead,

got such a God Almighty swelled head?

Willie Smith

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