where are the cigarettes of yesteryear? the smoke veils like a token diaphanous blanket void of succour iridescent but full of chimeras. these new constructions edifices robot cocks are so ugly. the way humphrey bogart holds the slim white umber cigarette how to purse the lips how to create a soft and sibilant sound as the smoke is pulled from the cigarette with its hieronymus bosch’s orange coals how to puff out the smoke how to make smokerings do you remember smokerings? smoking cigarette half-smoked cigarette moribund cigarette dead cigarette ash to ash in the ashtray. you hang around drink alcohol from a tall glass and smoke a cigarette and preen your nails and dream of françois villon & francisco de quevedo. hull of the mouth full of cigarette leaves the lips painted with cigarette paper and cigarette leaves linger lingeringly metamorphoseous the knot of smoke unravels stained teeth and painted fingers lungs like rotten black swiss cheese and coughs like the farts from a dead man’s bunghole. 

Larry Kevinour  

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