English Gore

Harold and Lilly married in a small church where grass ruled the graveyard.

Harold and Lilly moved into a big house with many empty rooms deep in the countryside.

Harold spent his days killing deer and boar and duck and pheasant and pigeon and rabbit with his favorite double-barreled shotgun.  

Lilly spent her days and nights in bed, drunk on gin, surrounded by her many cats.

Harold locked his favorite double-barreled shotgun betwixt his teeth and unloaded both barrels into his mouth.

Lilly died an alcoholic’s death in her bed, sad but not alone, surrounded by her hundred cats.  

Harold and Lilly decomposed with the help of worms and rats side by side in the graveyard that nobody visited.

The hundred cats lived very happily in the big house and used all of the rooms.

Paul Kavanagh

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