Sometimes you fall because you desire the fall the shadow may be monstrously huge but the source is always predictably small in comparison. Once one spectre is dispelled inexorably up jumps another. Individually we know the mendacity of our imagination but collectively we are fooled each time. The Italian term fascismo is derived from fascio meaning bundle of sticks ultimately from the Latin word fasces. My neighbour has a set of D’Annunzio inspired whiskers even though he has never heard of D’Annunzio or heard of Liszt’s daughter or Wagner or read La dottrina del fascismo but the SS Haircut screams in the warm wind as he mows the manicured lawn dreaming of the New Dawn. The mind, a vile beast, gives birth to a myriad of horrors. The horns of the Minotaur. The hair of Medusa. The eye of Polyphemus. The mouths of the Hydra. The teeth of Cerberus. The body of the Sphinx. The wings of Typhon. The tail of the Chimera.

S.T. Dyer

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