Short stories


I prefer Gainsborough (said Germaine) passing the garlic. Linda chopped up the garlic. She placed the small mound into the pan. Germaine handed over two onions.  Germaine didn’t understand art and was happy not to understand art. Germaine couldn’t deconstruct and then construct art and Germaine was happy. Germaine didn’t understand the eloquence of a brush strokes. Iconography was lost to Germaine. You have got to read Panofsky (said Linda). Germaine liked it when Linda showed up. They would stand outside and smoke. I get lost (said Germaine). The cigarettes had been unkind to Linda’s face. Go and look over La Primavera train the eye (said Linda). Her teeth had also been treated shabbily by the cigarettes. It is the best work he has ever done (said Linda). Germaine didn’t believe Linda. What she saw was the bottom of two feet. It is filled with soul (said Linda). Yes soles (said Germaine). Linda lit another cigarette. The soles were dirty. Germaine took another cigarette from Linda. Did you know that Gainsborough had a proclivity for prostitutes? (asked Linda).

Yoni Baxley

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