Short stories


We watch the squirrels. There are many squirrels that visit our back garden, as many as the trees.

We sit in the back garden, on expensive outdoor furniture, drink cool beer and talk about the lovely weather.

The barbecue cooks the meat and we talk excitedly about the food.  The grill is always loaded with chicken, beef and pork.

Some leave the patio, stand at the edge were the concrete and grass meet, to smoke.

The women flirt and the men place bets.

If we are lucky a squirrel will climb the utility pole. The wires hang from the utility pole like guts. We pretend they are not there.

We hope a squirrel will touch the magic button.  

When a squirrel touches the magic button, after the bang, we salute the utility pole as though it is a Mayan God.

Paul Kavanagh

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