A Review of My Book

1                My Book is a complex book.

1.1               The book is a structure made up of words, not of things.

1.11             The structure is composed of words that have entered the ear and been presented as sentences on the page in ink for the eye.

1.12             The structure was created by the architect, the author is the architect, I am the architect, within the book there is an architect, the words of the architect are the foundation and skeleton of the book, which is the structure.

1.13           There is a place for complex books and that place is between your hands and below or above your open eyes.

1.2       My Book should be read aloud.

1.21           I am told I have an ear for dialogue. I have two ears.

2                Twenty four hours make up a day. In that day many words pass from lips to ears. In the space between the ears, behind the eyes, words flow and collide.  The eyes can only see the words inked on the white page. The ears cannot read. The ears listen. The eyes cannot listen. 

2.01     My Book is better than this review.

2.011            Ludwig Wittgenstein loved Westerns.

3             Ferdinand de Saussure only wrote on blackboards with white chalk. Those hundreds and hundreds of blackboards are housed at École pratique des hautes études. They are hermetically sealed. But still the chalk flakes keep falling off.

3.01 2.011 & 3 are for the Literary Critic.

H.P. Wodehouse


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