a bad man

She married a bad man. She did not mind that he was a bad man. That he was a bad man excited her. He never complained or moaned like a baby so long as he could be bad and she enjoyed his badness and his myriad of bad sides. She enjoyed the hard integument that […]

A dirty and filthy man

He was dirty man. A dirty and filthy man. Dirty and filthy. But a clean man, physically speaking, with an unblemished physiognomy. His chiseled frame did in fact excite the opposite but not just the opposite sex his own sex lusted after this dirty this filthy man. He was meticulous and fastidious when it came […]


The spider from the gut spins the web. The wine from the jug spins the head. The word from the mouth spins the tale. From the sky to the earth the glider tailspins. “I am not here,” inside the head you hear the devil say, “the world to unconfuse. The failure of all being being […]

amongst the deranged and lonely

i drink amongst  the deranged and lonely who have no place to go  where the bartender sometimes  gives me free rounds on account of “you’re a good dude and  i see your sorrow” i don’t ask for much and i’m given a lot, i should be thankful, but i wish to be  left alone i wonder […]

The empirical thumb

“Oh,” spoke Satogata, “what a splendid morning.”“Nonpareil,” spoke Grunfeld. Satogata looked around him and all the MPs, physicians, police, barristers were mimicking him. When he farted another farted; when he spat another spat; when he dropped his trousers and pissed into the river another dropped his trousers and pissed also. Satogata was perplexed. “Quit the […]


I thought, one night, of a rose, and into my mind the thought of a rose arose. While into the woods, disregarding all shoulds, like a knight on a horse of glue, I rode. Willie Smith


     Tip of the smith hat to Rudyard Kipling If I could reach back and flush myself like the piece of shit I am. If I could under the sole of a boot squish my centipede soul, contemplate with a grin the guts-clotted legs twitch. If I could torch to hell my slum of a […]

love is a cancer

Cough up your locule You were standing over me casting a glowing shadow Within ravens crows & magpies. You spoke softly & I couldn’t make out the words I saw your lips move. The birds swooned casting tenebrous blankets Bromidic is the integument comes from peregrination Spit hymeneal chyle. Piss scrofula erysipelas the gout the […]

Paris 1990 3 AM

She was beautiful & alone I sat Said You are intoxicating. She smiled a supercilious smile with her eyes I asked if I offended her She said no So I asked her if she were afraid of sex & she laughed So I said, repeat this She said what. I said I want to fuck […]


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