Pigs Shall Inherent the Earth

You ask a myriad of quotidian questions but today is not a quotidian day Oh no not today not a quotidian day today it is butter smeared around the arsehole a wimp knowing that the mirror is mendacious afterall a penurious couple sharing Chinese for the first time and your wife (now not much to […]

And We all Lived Happily

The day when all those new appliances that you crave fight slaughter for in those new homes that you crave fight slaughter for align & hum at the same time is when the madness will truly reign.  Larry Kevinour


For a second maybe less his mind is as busy as a Pieter Bruegel painting. He sits up. Puts down the book he was reading. Blaise Pascal could not sit in a room for long period of time. If he were forced to stay in a room for a long period of time a deep […]

The Newscaster Dreams of John Dee

Thanatic magnetism impels Now the head Is crowded with extemporaneous fistfights Knife attacks Pint glass attacks Demonstrations Uprisings Riots What now what now but a bunch of innocents lined up against a wall and shot. Thoughts, illuminating and tangible, are a mosaic composed of the most violent acts imaginable, a tapestry where the Lion is […]


Life never promised much… born in a crack, raised in a cage of gargantuan construction, tortured by a crew of sadistic gods whose every casual step could spell butchery… chased with rolled newspaper and swatter… days holed-up in the tv, the radio, the washer, the dryer, the radiator, the drain; nights hustling over floors and […]

A Surprising Assignation (a play in one act)

Kant:  Two alien males are at an alien bar smoking alien cigarettes and drinking alien alcohol. Lampe: Alien to you may be, but   Kant: One of the aliens is exhausted. He has just returned from earth. Lampe: Oh yes much like your trips to Thailand and Bangkok I bet? Kant: The other alien is […]

One day I gob’d a gobful of gob

I spat out a sea monster and the earth had to fight the sea monster for surely it was a sea monster lucent and iridescent and slimy a huge slug from the sea and the earth below my feet groaned and set to battle and it was a long battle the longest I had ever […]


My body collects boils warts cysts carbuncles abscesses hemorrhaging scabs sores crabs  lice worms the way you collect fucks Panini Cards birds trains words clothing books money gold dreams. Lee Brookers

Dear Mr. Stieglitz, do we still study chiaroscuro?

A howling wind/careens/ lifting skirts /unknotting ties /stealing cigarettes /molesting and mocking/ here between the edifices the last rays of day abuse. Dutch fires/Italian Devils/a menagerie dancing and frolicking/feral dogs/ “watch out for that glass.” Swirling skyscrapers /discord of being/ swirl. “Watch for falling icicles.” Barely through/ bleary eyes/ tested with perfume/ cigar smoke being […]


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