She kneels in deck shoes and nothing else unless you count tattoos. The acolytes from off-camera appear. Surround her, as she sets to work maintaining all six erect. She deepthroats one after the other, after the other, after again the one, after another other, and so on, in accelerating succession. Till the choir takes the […]

A Review of My Book

1                My Book is a complex book. 1.1               The book is a structure made up of words, not of things. 1.11             The structure is composed of words that have entered the ear and been presented as sentences on the page in ink for the eye. 1.12             The structure was created by the architect, […]


We watch the squirrels. There are many squirrels that visit our back garden, as many as the trees. We sit in the back garden, on expensive outdoor furniture, drink cool beer and talk about the lovely weather. The barbecue cooks the meat and we talk excitedly about the food.  The grill is always loaded with […]

Your type

Stern, stiff and standoffishHard and dismissivePained and dissatisfiedBut people expect thingsAll the timeA certain flexibilityA way in We grow into these treesBolted to our rootsAnd everything is water It takes a certain typeYour typeTo walk awayFrom your sonsAnd don’t look backStone-facedIn the presentAsleep on the sofaDrunk Bogdan Tiganov


I prefer Gainsborough (said Germaine) passing the garlic. Linda chopped up the garlic. She placed the small mound into the pan. Germaine handed over two onions.  Germaine didn’t understand art and was happy not to understand art. Germaine couldn’t deconstruct and then construct art and Germaine was happy. Germaine didn’t understand the eloquence of a brush strokes. […]

Street Life

My grandfather beat my grandmother My grandmother beat my father. I thought my childhood normal Until I saw my neighbour insert a straw Into the frog’s bunghole and blow I sucked. My father beat my mother. The best fuck I ever witnessed was perpetrated By a bloke off the Street He held a bottle of […]


     I have been sitting inside the theater for forty-five minutes and still have my coat on. When I came in I was so anxious to start looking at the screen that I forgot to remove my coat.      I don’t want to start taking it off now, because somebody, maybe one of the burly […]


Time means nothing to a child. When I play I go missing for years. This is only the second time I have played. I have not surrendered yet and I have not been found. I am still hiding under the table. When I write years I am guessing for time means nothing to a child. […]

In the 21st century

Half-answered prayersGhosted messagesInterest lostImmediately Superficial relationshipsContrived social media livesWannabes, credit cardsPaycheque to paychequeAnxious corporate robots DepressedFlicking through NetflixSpotify, Amazon, eBayLiving inside six glowing inchesOf banal fantasies Bogdan Tiganov

The last time I saw my dad

Was in 1999 for my 18th birthdayHe took me to the pubBought me a Guinness and saidNow you can drink I used to be in aweOf his grizzled face, cold eyesAnd stern handshake – I’d laugh nervouslyYes, dad,I thought I had to pleaseTo be loved Ha. Ha. Life is like that is it notNonsensical and […]


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