Colhounn the Giant

Colhounn was a big man, the biggest man in the city. Colhounn was so big he was homeless. Colhounn was big and homeless and a voracious eater. A pound of tripe Colhounn consumed in a day. The children after school mocked poor Colhounn and his pound of tripe. The Children called Colhounn names, spat spit […]

Broken in the middle

There it was mid airTried to catch it with my toeBut my toe pulled out,Smashed another glass. I got the kitchen rollAnd threw it on the waterI got the dustpan got the brushAnd dragged my limbs alongSweeping and picking every last bitSo they don’t scar my boy. Finally I could go and smokeWhen she asked […]


Think of that chimp who tore the lady’s face off, and his owner called the cops, and they shot him several times before he finally calmed down, dragged himself off to the corner of the kitchen where he slept, collapsed on his bed, and died. Sometimes I stare into the mirror and wonder who would […]

Find Love in a Disco

The Terrorist wants to find love he tells me. The Terrorist sleeps eats defecates in bunkers caves safe houses at the local bar. Sometimes I think it is just about the sex. The Terrorist is not PC. Chicks are chicks & dudes are dudes. I am sure he has a list somewhere of old conquests. […]


My father brought home two rabbits. My father encouraged me to feed the rabbits. The rabbits were snow white and had pink eyes. The rabbits were fat and had shinny coats and ineffable eyes. Every morning my father would give me a handful of chopped carrots to feed to the rabbits. I would feed the […]


We were silly sulky slumberlant and full of dreams, incredible dreams, long and lazy dreams, labyrinthine dreams, Egyptiantine yellow, Greektine white, Romantine purple, Byzantine red, unlimned dreams, ineffable, sweet lolling limbs dreams, dreams like fronds lazily lingering tapping water flowing gently, azure, lapis lazuli, we had tried to construct a rainbow, but our endeavor had […]


    Into the Electrolux I jammed it. Snapped on the juice. Expecting a free whoopee. But the motor stuck; the fit too tight.      Toot sweet my unit shot off – humped through the hose like a goosed mole; whumped inside the body of the machine.      I cut the juice. Detached the bag. Dumped […]


Now I am Artaud Verbs the blood Adverbs the bones Adjectives the organs Nouns the essence Punctuation the madness   I put down the pen Pick up the paper Read Drink I put down the paper Pick up the pen Scribble Read Leave Now thankful I am no longer Artaud A.T. Vannozza

The Case of the Missing Father

 My mother thought she was Léontine Lippmann, said Henry. Who, asked Peter.  If you were lucky to have been invited to one of her, I’ve forgotten the word, you could have found yourself conversing with the Prince and Princess Bibesco; the Baron and Baroness Rothschild; Marcel Schwob and Marcel Proust, said Judy. Bores and windbags […]


Pad over to the Poet’s pad. Surprise the clown making love to his fist. Hoping thereby – he grunts – to get a handle on some angle for an ode. Gets out, between gasps, concentrating on his two-stroke: “Booze in kitch, cabinet under sink, Popov – beside cleaning fluid can.” Spurts across the room at […]


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