Hi Life

I’m at the bar drinking a cheap beer, feeling low. Money is running out on me just like the woman on the next stool. I said Jean Baudrillard thought postmodernism was a nihilistic epoch. She finished her drink, killed the coals of the cigarette between thumb and forefinger, gave me the middle finger, and left. […]

When Sky Clashes With Sky

I have found my calligraphy said Barbara Hepworth glued to her wheelchair smoking a cigarette.   Behind this nonpareil beauty there are spores & motes swirling carrying pestilence death a desire for annihilation. Jealousy is a Greek invention. The sky sighs softly almost Shakespearean maybe too Shakespearean maybe a hint of the Sophoclean. The wind […]


(The Tale of Toe Toe) I blame it on my addiction to pornographic movies. I cannot go an hour without watching a pornographic movie. I will watch a pornographic movie while eating, while watching the television, while reading a book, I sometimes fell asleep watching a pornographic movie, and so my dreams are full of […]


Always carry Bingo – my imaginary handgun.Whenever I do anything bad or wrong or stupid,I pull out Bingo, hold his mouth to my temple; pray.Sometimes Bingo is an actual cocked thumbwith forefinger extended. Sometimes I shout, “Bang!”as thumb snaps, fist recoils. My head often jerksto the left when the slug rips into my skull,tunnels through […]

Song of Penury

When you are unemployed in America the jackals appear In Britain they make you confess to your crimes In Russia you get vodka and cancer In the Cameroon you train to run marathons In France they teach you to cut up garlic In Belgium you get fat In China you juggle rice In Greece you […]


Today I seem fascinating Tomorrow I am dead Peeling back the skin Hellraiser So boring All this pretense Waiting for the bomb And God There is no answer There is no truth Even fuckin John Lennon was a lie Disappointing An only child A bastard I Gave up on my dreams Bogdan Tiganov

Pigs Shall Inherent the Earth

You ask a myriad of quotidian questions but today is not a quotidian day Oh no not today not a quotidian day today it is butter smeared around the arsehole a wimp knowing that the mirror is mendacious afterall a penurious couple sharing Chinese for the first time and your wife (now not much to […]

And We all Lived Happily

The day when all those new appliances that you crave fight slaughter for in those new homes that you crave fight slaughter for align & hum at the same time is when the madness will truly reign.  Larry Kevinour


For a second maybe less his mind is as busy as a Pieter Bruegel painting. He sits up. Puts down the book he was reading. Blaise Pascal could not sit in a room for long period of time. If he were forced to stay in a room for a long period of time a deep […]

The Newscaster Dreams of John Dee

Thanatic magnetism impels Now the head Is crowded with extemporaneous fistfights Knife attacks Pint glass attacks Demonstrations Uprisings Riots What now what now but a bunch of innocents lined up against a wall and shot. Thoughts, illuminating and tangible, are a mosaic composed of the most violent acts imaginable, a tapestry where the Lion is […]


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