Once upon a time you could only hold one conversation but now you have the ability to communicate on many levels and simultaneously. It starts with the toes the lips the nose the eyebrows it starts with the heels the calves the backside the shoulder blades the back of the head. The things pointing upward and the things pointing downward it starts with. The fingernails grow because you can no longer chew them down to the quick the hair grows because you can longer visit the hairdresser and so you have abandoned fashion like you have abandoned the ones that loved you. The soil turns to slush the roots grip you like a despondent lover the dripping water burrows into you like a worm and only stops once it has dropped out of the other side like boredom like excitement. To your new friends the maggots the worms the beetles the spiders to the rats to the fox you are the noseless wonder the superstar and they welcome you like you have never been welcomed before finally you have found that true home.

John McClure

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