Sister None –

none like you never saw;

crosscut teeth, tenpin gut,

forehead shovel blade smooth,

sapphire eyes afire with Old Scratch;

pregnant by an ant with a widow black.

She the gal squeeze from the blues

every last thread of ooze. She it was

first put spit in her booze.

Never gave a thought to the

spark in her inner cooze.

Sister None – she the one

instigates Johnny get his gun;

the babe at the dark of a tunnel end.

Got a barrel bottom, lotta fish to shoot. 

Some night,

when in church you come,

hunched in gathering stench,

in a pew all upright,

don’t get in a lurch left.

Yeah, Sister None – she the one

to thank to make you go n’ come.

One like her you never saw.

Put that witch on a horse;

switch that mare’s ass;

see her sidle down the bridle path;

get yourself alone to shreds to rip.

Willie Smith

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